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Spanish Culture - Asuncion – Spanish

Ascuncion means “Assumption,” in the English Language and refers to the Spanish celebration of Assumption Day of Mary. The Spanish call that day, “Assumption of the Virgin.”

The view of Assumption Day holds true to the fact that Mary, the mother of Jesus died and her body was united with her soul and ascended to heaven instead of experiencing the decay of the physical body through normal death.

The Assumption of Mary became a reputable custom and teaching in the Roman Catholic Church even throughout the seventh century. It continues to be a theological disagreement of historical tendency and the church has not entirely embraced the concept or idea.

There are still some misgivings today if Mary died before her Assumption or if she was assumed before her death. The Roman Catholic consent to these two beliefs and consider it to be one or the other. The Assumption of Mary is thought of as a gift from God to those who believed that Mary was the “Mother of God.”

The Spanish people celebrate it also on August 15th and for the entire month of August it is not uncommon to find most businesses closed down. On that day, transportation is limited and people take the time to spend with family and friends.

If you are a tourist visiting at that time, there is almost nothing to do on that day because all museums and other activities have been put on hold.

Spanish people view their public holiday as rich in culture and festivity. They will go all out to prepare a feast of festivals and entertainment to enjoy and solidify their belief in Assumption Day.

The practicing Roman Catholics in the Spanish speaking countries in the world, but especially Spain, also call this day the “Feast of the Assumption” and do embrace the belief that Mary did indeed ascend to heaven without a physical death.

The Spanish people take pride in their cultural cuisine and spend this time preparing meals to celebrate the day in honor of the Virgin Mary. It is customary to cook full course meals and bring the family together on this day as an indication of solidarity in their beliefs.

To celebrate Assumption Day, Spanish people love to watch their favorite mystery play called “El Misteri d’Elx” on the 14th and 15th of August.

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