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Want to speak more Spanish? New SpanishPod101 lesson series start January 2nd!

Hi Listener,

Want to speak more Spanish in 2017?

You need exposure to native Spanish conversation from day 1. You need a native Spanish speaker to explain it all – the words, the grammar, and cultural nuances.

And you get all of that in every single SpanishPod101 lesson.

In fact, we’re starting up a brand new season just in time for the New Year!

Starting January 2nd, 2017, we’ll be publishing brand new seasons of Audio and Video Lessons to get you mastering Spanish the fast, fun and easy way! Want to know what you can expect?

Here’s SpanishPod101’s Lesson Schedule:

  • Monday:
    - Absolute Beginner Season 4
    - Beginner - Must-Know Spanish Sentence Structures

  • Tuesday:
    - Video Series - Listening Comprehension

  • Thursday:
    - Throwback Thursday Lessons (Get a free random lesson from the past sent directly to your e-mail inbox.)

  • Friday:
    - New Video Series

  • Saturday:
    - Video Series - Reading Comprehension

  • Sunday:
    - News & Announcement - Sunday News
    - Bonus Courses - Spanish Vocab Builder
  • Remember, SpanishPod101’s newest lessons are free for the first three weeks! You have three weeks worth of lessons at any given time. Oh, and the first 3 lessons of every series are free too!

    Check out the newest SpanishPod101 lessons for free!

    Click here to learn Spanish with the newest lessons for FREE!

    To your fluency!
    Team SpanishPod101