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All About Spanish: Your passport to an exciting world!

Having been developed from Latin and part of the Romance languages, Spanish was born in Spain, from where Spanish colonials spread the language to the western hemisphere, and to this day, remains the official language of the majority of Central and South America, and the Caribbean. However, you may have noticed that nowadays, people all over the world are studying Spanish in Brazil, the United States, and much of Europe.

The Spanish spoken in most of the world is the “Castellano” type of Spanish (originating from the Castille region of Spain), and is usually the Español we are mostly familiar with.

Today, Español keeps becoming more popular as a language for business, tourism, and travel. That is because Spanish is the native language of about 350 million people worldwide!

However, business aside, Spanish is a great language to learn if you want to experience all the delicious cuisines and fascinating culture that Spanish speaking countries can offer.

And most of all, don’t be shy! Generally speaking, Spanish speakers are very glad to help those who want to learn, and will gladly open the doors to their  friendship if you just give it a try and say a simple “Hola!”

It is not in vain that native Spanish speakers have a well-earned reputation of warmth, friendliness, and great sense of humor.

Don’t miss out on the chance to learn Spanish; great times, great fun,and great friends await you in the Spanish-speaking world!