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Confused Passenger, Saved!

This week we’d like to share a story from John Miller.

John enjoys listening to Spanish while working and had a great experience with being able to use his Spanish to help out a fellow passenger on a plane.

“I came across this podcast via iTunes, in the best of 2008 listings. I am and have always been totally blind, and therefore I obviously learn best through audio. As one who has made repeated attempts to learn this language, I thought your offerings might well help.

Since then, I’ve actually dated a Spanish woman who resided in Madrid. Of course, being in a relationship is a difficult way to learn a language.

I’ve tried other couple online sites that helped a little as well, although according to the woman in Spain their teachings were a little sketchy. So, I eventually left them alone out of fear of learning too much of the wrong thing. However, SpanishPod101 has not let me down yet!

For example, on one of my return flights from Spain I had to help a young woman who knew no English as she attempted to communicate where she needed to go next to the airport workers. Luckily, I knew just enough vocabulary to aid them in sorting the whole situation out, and she ended up on the correct connecting flight. Everyone was very happy with my limited Spanish in that case.

And to wrap this long e-mail up, I listen to the show on my Zen Stone MP3 player to aid me in passing the long hours at my incredibly boring job. I work at a factory for the blind at the moment, although if I can get into grad school I’d start classes this August.Thanks, and it’s a great show!”

Great job John!  Keep up the studying so you can always help out others with your Spanish!