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“When we got lost, I saved my group!”

This week we’ll announce our Mail Bag Contest II GRAND PRIZE Winner! Give a big congratulations to Tobie from Melbourne, Australia!

Tobie had this to say about his Spanish studies and travels:

“Querido Amigos,

I am an Australian student and you have been of great help to me over this past year and a half!

I began using it before I started to officially study it. I listened to each podcast just before I go to sleep and then the next day I would write a letter or a journal entry. I found that these were 2 great ways to explore and experiment with my abilities and knowledge.

Fortunately, 6 months ago I was given the opportunity to travel to Spain. I went to Toledo, Granada, Barcelona, Madrid and Cordoba. It was an AMAZING experience for me and my friends. And thanks to SpanishPod101 podcasts I had many more tricks up my sleeve than I was able to use. Tobie, in Spain, saves group with his Spanish learned from SpanishPod101!I was able to order my food, the bill, ask what type of beers they had and question the foods and dishes (this was very useful in impressing the girls we were with). Also, when we got lost, I saved my group because I knew how to ask where we were, and how to get to where we wanted.

But most importantly I found that because of SpanishPod101, I was able to understand the rapid speeds of the local Spaniards, meanwhile everyone else was unable to keep up!  That’s one advantage I have thanks to Spanish pod!!

When I returned to Melbourne, Australia, I went into a McDonalds to grab something to eat and I accidentally ordered my food in Spanish! Haha! I’m still was shocked that i had automatically used Spanish.

P.S. I also just thought I would let you know my favorite lesson is about the line “Como te fue la semana pasada?” It is one of my favorites and I found it very useful!

Gracias por todo, SpanishPod101,

Hasta luego”

A trip to Spain sounds like an excellent way to test your Spanish. We’re glad you listened to the our podcast or else you may have been in real trouble when you got lost!