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All About Latin American Pop culture

As popular culture changes quickly and drastically, this lesson focuses on the most recent pop culture phenomena in the Spanish speaking countries.

Popular Music
The Spanish music scene at the moment is dominated by Reggaeton, a mix of hip-hop and reggae that developed mostly out of the music scenes of Puerto Rico, New York, and Miami. With that said, there has also been a steady growth of EMO and electronic bands in the Spanish-speaking countries, which has brought forth fashion styles and trends associated with this music genre: skinny jeans, converse shoes, snug shirts, and full-fledged black outfits.

The revival of Spanish-speaking independent cinema has also propelled major production companies to produce more mainstream films, reviving a sector previously dedicated to low-quality films catering to a small population. You’ll still find these films running on TV and in some low-budget theaters. The genres include cheaply produced action movies and racy comedies where double entendres were a big part of the dialogues.

Popular Television
Latin America has one major exporter that has been consistent throughout the years: the tele-novella. These mellow dramas are produced across Latin America, but three countries that have transcended international borders are Mexico, Columbia, and Brazil. Unlike their American counterparts, these shows do not go on for twenty years or more. These plot lines generally have a definite end, and the stories last for only a couple of months before ending. Some, however, have been known to run for over a year.

The information about Latin American Pop culture here is simply scratching the surface. There is many more types of Latin American pop culture out there! please fill us in with what kind of Spanish pop-culture you enjoy!