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Learn Spanish with Music

One of the ways to use long term memory to help you to learn Spanish is to learn words in ways that rhyme or have rhythm to them, such as learning a poem in Spanish or learning a song in Spanish. You can remember some poems easily because the rhyming helps you to remember what comes next. Songs are even better because they have a melody that gets repeated. Repetition is one of the tools to learning another language. You can increase your ability to learn, pronounce, and figure out the grammar of Spanish by learning songs in Spanish. The first step is to go online, perhaps to a site that has Spanish lessons, and find a song you like. If you find it from a website that teaches Spanish online, then the words or speed of the song won’t be as challenging as a Spanish song you find at random.

If you find a popular song, you’ll be able to Google the title of the song and find the lyrics. If you find a song on a Spanish language learning site, there may also be a link to the written lyrics. Being able to read the lyrics while hearing the song is a great way to learn another language because using two senses at once, seeing and hearing, allows you to learn more in a shorter period of time. It also reinforces what you learn, so you have a better chance of being able to remember those words or lessons for an indefinite period of time. As you read the lyrics and learn the melody, you’ll be learning vocabulary, sentence structure, and other aspects of language learning, all while singing a song. Learning Spanish through songs is a great way to have a great time learning the language.