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What Are Your Spanish Learning Fears? We’re Killing The Top 3 Fears

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Hello Listener,

Every Spanish learner will feel these at some point: “I’m not good enough yet.” “I don’t think I’m making any progress.” Spanish learning fears – we all get them from time to time. What are yours? And are they worth being scared of this Halloween Season?

But, before we get into the top 3 learning fears, our Monster-Sized Sale starts now!

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Monster-Sized Sale Starts Now! Click here to get 28% OFF!

Monster-Sized Sale Starts Now! Click here to get 28% OFF!

So, here are the top 3 Spanish learning fears according to our listeners.

And we’re killing all 3 of these fears just in time for Halloween.

1. “I’m not good enough to start speaking yet.”
If not now, then when? Some day? Most learners are good at reading and writing but not speaking. Why? Because that’s all they focus on and ignore speaking. So the best way to speak better Spanish is to start speaking from day one. And if you still think you’re not good enough, our lessons give you the exact phrases and scripts to use in conversation.

2. “I’m afraid I’ll never be fluent.”
Fluent is a very vague, distant goal and focusing on it will set you up for failure. But, if you aim for small goals like 5 minutes of Spanish conversation this month, then aim for 10 minutes next month, you’ll soon be speaking Spanish with confidence. Fluency is a big vague goal. Small, measurable goals are not. You’ll know when you’ve reached them. You see your improvement. And best of all, these small goals will add up.

3. “I’m afraid that I’m not making any progress.”
There are two things you can do right now. First, use the Dashboard to track your progress. Our Dashboard shows how much you’ve accomplished based on the Spanish lessons you’ve completed. Second, try a harder lesson. You might not understand it, but you will in minutes. The lessons come with translations. The lesson hosts explain everything. THEN, you’ll be making progress because you now understand something you didn’t minutes ago.

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To your fluency,

Team SpanishPod101

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