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You’ll never master Spanish…

Dear Reader,

“You’ll Never Master a Language!”

That’s what my foreign language teacher, Mr. Barry, told me many years ago. “I’m sorry, you just don’t have an aptitude for languages” is what he added.

Well, he was wrong, and I knew it.

I went on to master Japanese, a much harder language than the one Mr. Barry taught, obtaining a master’s degree from a top Japanese university and founding a Japanese company headquartered in Tokyo.

My name is Peter Galante, founder of Innovative Language Learning, and I’m here to tell you the story of how I proved them wrong.

So how did I go from language class failure, to founder of a language learning company with over 200 million language lessons delivered?

The secret lies in my story below. Most people will spot it the first time through. So read slow and carefully.

First, learning a language – what does it take? Brains? Genes? Memory?

Sure, they help. But as my teacher had honestly pointed out, I couldn’t do it.

Learning Japanese as it’s spoken in real life was my goal. I wanted to use Japanese I heard in real life, in movies, songs, online, in letters from friends.

I didn’t want to learn boring grammar out of a book…I wanted to speak to people, watch movies and learn about Japanese culture.

But this was frowned upon. Using fun and interesting phrases outside the textbook was frowned upon. We were studying to pass some silly tests.

My passion for learning languages was deep; however, and I stuck with learning languages on my own. When I learned Japanese, I learned from Japanese speakers who give you what you need to know – authentic, real life Japanese.

It’s no different for you and Spanish.

With lessons that guide you through conversation and translations that break it all down, word by word, grammar point by grammar point.

After all, if you had all this, you’d be ready to speak Spanish right away, right?

Well, this is the fun, fast, and easy method I learned with.

And this is the same exact way the very first lesson was created. And the method works. How do I know? Because these lessons have reached over 200 million downloads worldwide and that number grows hourly.

“You’ll Never Master A Language?”

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Peter Galante,, Founder

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P.P.S. Hope you’re reading this, Mr. Barry!