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Do You Want To Know Phrases That You Can Use At A Mexican Pharmacy?

Do You Know How To Say Pharmacies In Spanish?

farmacias: pharmacies

Mexican pharmacies or farmacias sell most of their medicines without a prescription or receta; only specific medications such as antibiotics or drugs that cause dependence cannot be bought over-the-counter.

Other drugs that require prescriptions in many other countries but are not heavily regulated can be bought over-the-counter in Mexico, such as antidepressants, birth control pills, and heart medications. This setup led to an array of medication use problems, including irrational medication use, over- or under-dosage.

Here are the useful phrases that you can use at a Mexican pharmacy.

  1. ¿Tiene este medicamento? (Do you have this medication?)
  2. ¿Necesito receta? (Do I need a prescription?)
  3. ¿Puedo hablar con el farmacéutico? (May I speak to the pharmacist?)

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