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All About Spanish: Que Delicioso!

The cuisines of the Spanish-speaking world are as varied and diverse as they are delicious. If you haven’t tried these delicious dishes, we recommend you do!

If you are a meat lover, you should try “churrasco”, which in Latin America means “grilled meat”, and Argentinians are known for their love of savory steaks.

If you want to try and exotic and comforting dish, venture into Puerto Rico’s “mofongo,” a delicious dish of fried plantains and pork rinds, vegetables, meat, or seafood.

Also on the exotic side, unique technique of curing seafood with citrus juice rather than heat, ceviche, is also very delicious invented in Peru and elevated to an art form.

And while it’s difficult to pick one dish that represents the diversity and complexity of Spanish cooking, we recommend paella, the short-grain rice dish flavored with saffron. The classic paella of Valencia is made with escargot, meat, and vegetables. Other popular versions are made with seafood or with meat and seafood.

Another very typical and accesible dish are tacos, from Mexico. There are different types, but we will feature los tacos al pastor, meaning “shepherd-style tacos,” made from pork that’s been marinated with spices and roasted with a hint of pineapple, making the meat tender and juicy.

Que delicioso! (How delicious!)
Venture into these culture’s rich offering in gastronomy, and tell us which was your favorite! You will surely not be dissappointed!

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