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All About Spanish: Test your knowledge!

Have you wondered how much you know about Spanish-speaking cultures?Take this quiz!

1.  In which of these countries is Spanish not the official language?
A) Uruguay
B) Guatemala
C) Brazil
D) Perú

2.Out of the following 3 famous people, match “person” to “profession”:
PERSON: <Diego Armando Maradona>, <Alejandro Sanz>, <Hugo Chavez>
PROFESSION: <singer>, <politician>, <sports star>

3. Which country has the most populated city?
A) México
B) Argentina
C) Spain
D) Colombia

4. TRUE or FALSE: The Native populations and cultures of Latin America have left without a trace in the modern culture.

1. C, Brazil. The Portuguese colonized Brazil, leaving that country with Portuguese as its official language.
2.  Hugo Chavez - Politician ; Alejandro Sanz - Singer; Diego Armando Maradona - Sports star
3. A, Mexico. Mexico City has a population of approximately 8,841,916!
4. False! The modern populations have many who descended from pre-Columbian ancestors, and to this day some indigenous languages are still spoken in Latin America!

How many did you get correct?

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