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All About Spanish: Learn this and kiss the confusion away!

The Spanish-speaking world has some unique aspects we would like to share with you. See if you are aware of these cultural bits!

1) Greetings
Have you noticed that usually, women are greeted with a kiss? And to avoid confusions, it is a general motion to let your right cheek get the kiss.

2) La hora latina
“Latino time.” It is believed that Spanish-speakers are always late, but there are cultural factors explain this tardiness. Many Spanish-speaking
countries’ transportation and communication system are not as reliable, making delays unavoidable;so people tend to be forgiving about lateness. However, this is a stereotype, as there are Spanish-speaking people that are often punctual as well.

3) Lunch Time
In the Spanish-speaking world, main meal of the day is at mid-day, “la comida,” (meaning “the meal”). It may begin as late as 2pm, and some shops and offices close as people enjoy their comida at home with family.

4) Regional Accents
Like every major language, Spanish has regional varieties, however, Spanish speakers often say “El español
es el español (”Spanish is Spanish”).

5) Flirting
People from Spanish-speaking cultures compared to others, can be more flirtatious in public. Flirting is seen as flattering or humorous rather than threatening or disgusting.

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