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Friday at 06:30 PM
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We all know who Zorro is right? What about the animal named "el zorro"?

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Friday at 11:47 AM
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hello everybody!

belfegoth, well young buffalo have little sparing sessions as a game to train for when they have to do it for real, so I guess it's possible


Those words are taken as synonyms now, the diference is that "ciervo" is the official word to denominate deers, while "venado" comes from an archaic hunting term that is not very used in that way anymore.

hope this helps

keep posting


Wednesday at 09:35 AM
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Is there any difference between "venado" and "ciervo"? or, are they the same?

Please elaborate.

Saturday at 01:14 AM
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I think I heard "amistosamentre" when the buffalo fights " amistosamente" each other.

Could it be?

What about Foxy Lady - Jimmy hendrix ?