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Friday at 06:30 PM
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"La cigarra" has such a nice sound right?

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Friday at 05:21 PM
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Hello Iburra

Glad to help. In this case is mostly semantics, but "el bicho" aplies better.

Think of it like this. "Un bicho" with indeterminate article refers to any bug in general, any you can imagine. On the contrary "El bicho", definite article, refers to a specific bug, since in the video we have the image of a bug and we are talking about it, the determinate article "el" applies.

More examples.

La casa de mi tรญo (your uncle has a house and you are talking about it)

Una casa de mi tรญo (your uncle might have many houses and you are talking about one of them)

El perro (the specifical dog you have in mind)

Un perro (any dog is good)

Hope this helps

Keep posting


Monday at 09:53 PM
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Question about the articles:

I was wondering, when it says "el bicho", I thought "bicho" was a general word like bug.

Isnยดt it better to use the article "un" instead of "el"?

What is the difference? and could you give me some examples?