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Sunday at 6:30 pm
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Hey listeners! Are there any words you didn't know before getting this list? Write them down here!

Sunday at 1:06 am
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El gรฉnero de los sustantivos es muy importante para saber. Por quรฉ no los incluien? Algunas palabras no tienen ejemplos tampoco.

Friday at 6:01 am
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Hola anya,

Thank you so much for your comment and suggestion. Your opinion is highly valuable to us. We are continuously working on improving our materials and adding more and more sample sentences.

If you have any additional suggestions or comments, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Kind regards,


Team SpanishPod101.com

Saturday at 6:49 am
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So I found the Slideshow - but there are are not sentence examples for all the words!?!?!?!

Wednesday at 3:21 pm
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Hi Caroline,

Thanks for your comment! We will consider to get this worked on asap. Let us know if you have any questions!



Team SpanishPod101.com

Monday at 2:26 am
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this lesson was really helpful!

But I have one thing to say: The speaker for example of "relรกmpago" was really hard to understand regarding to her pronunciation because it is not that clear pronounced :-(

For lower intermediate learners I think it is really hard to copy and repeate.