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The word written is por and he says en a I how I hear it.

cerca vs cercano can you tell me the difference in these

legos vs lejano

Dictionary says lejano means distant

put here you have distante as meaning distant.



1. (far away in space)

a. distant

Estas historias de hadas fueron escritas en un país lejano.These fairy tales were written in a distant country.

2. (far away in time)

a. distant

Algunos predicen grandes desastres climáticos en un futuro no muy lejano.Some predict major climate disasters in the not too distant future.

3. (not closely related)

a. distant

Descubrimos que somos parientes lejanos.We found out we are distant relatives.

and lets see what they say is far This is interesting


lejos, lejano




far two kinds of far adverb kind and adjective kind.... I asked before for part of speach to be given this is good time to do that I think.


1. (distant in space)

a. lejos

How far is it to Mexico City?¿Qué tan lejos estamos de la Ciudad de México?

2. (distant in time)

a. lejos

Grandpa's birthday is not far.El cumpleaños del abuelo no está lejos.

3. (a lot)

a. mucho

The weather is far better here than in New York.El tiempo es mucho mejor aquí que en Nueva York.

b. muy

This wine is far superior to that cheap wine we had yesterday.Este vino es muy superior al vino barato que tomamos ayer.


4. (distant)

a. lejano

China is in the Far East.China está en el Lejano Oriente.