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Hi, everybody! This is Risa from SpanishPod101.com.
Do you know how to say “thank you” in Spanish? In this lesson, you'll learn three different ways to say "thank you" and how to respond.
Let’s start with the easiest one.
[slowly] Gracias.
It means “thank you."
If you want to be more formal, you can use the following phrase.
Muchas gracias.
[slowly] Muchas gracias.
It means “thank you so much.”
The word muchas means "much" or "very." When you want to express gratitude in a more polite and direct manner, make sure to use muchas gracias.
To sound like a pro, you can add also add why you're thankful. For example, Muchas gracias por su ayuda.
“Thank you very much for your help.”
What if you really appreciate something? Here's how you can say it.
Mil gracias.
[slowly] Mil gracias.
It means “a thousand thanks.”
Now you know 3 different ways to say "thank you" in Spanish! But how do you respond if someone thanks you?
If someone says "thank you" in Spanish, simply say ¡Con gusto! It means "with pleasure."
Let's wrap up this lesson by recapping what we've learned. Listen to the expressions and repeat after me.
“Thank you."
The formal way to say “thank you so much.”
Muchas gracias.
Muchas gracias.
Literally “a thousand thanks.”
Mil gracias.
Mil gracias.
And to respond, just say:
¡Con gusto!
¡Con gusto!
Well done! [pause]
In Spanish, you can use gracias in any situation, whether formal, informal, special, or common. Spanish people will appreciate your effort to speak their language. Also, you never have to worry about the person's age or profession.
You just learned three different ways to say “thank you” and how to respond in Spanish.
And, if you really want to become fluent and speak Spanish from the very first lesson, go to SpanishPod101.com.
I’ll see you next time. Nos vemos.


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