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1) On your Computer

When you go to the Learning Center, check out the Lesson Specific materials. If you follow the link entitled "Learning Center" right from our blog-roll, it will take you there directly. On the left sidebar, you'll notice a button that says "My Recorder". Just give it a click and you'll see a little window pop up. There, you can record your voice and play it back. What makes this so useful is that in this part of the Learning Center, you have access to tons of Premium Audio, including the Line by Line Lesson Transcripts, the Vocabulary Lists and the New Vocabulary Expansion section, which has the Spanish word, the English word and sample sentences translated. All you have to do is listen to a word or sentences, and then simply record yourself. And then just do this over and over again until you sound like the recorded voice. Check out My Recorder here in the Learning Center.

2) On your iPhone or iTouch

Our first iPhone Application is here! Rapidly build your vocabulary and perfect your pronunciation with My Words, as you master 10 words a day! How? Well, in 3 simple steps. Simply,

- Read the word,

- Listen to word, and then

- Record the word right into your iPod!

With MyWords, turn your iPhone into a powerful tool that shows you the Spanish characters of words, gives you the pronunciation of words at a push of a button and lets you record your voice and play it back all on your iPhone! Check out the IPhone Application here.