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Wednesday at 04:57 AM
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Hey there. Too much Carlos! Tell me about it! :lol: We'll definitely be publishing from Lima very soon, but we're trying to scale back a bit to let students catch up. Also, we'll be rolling out Lower and Upper Intermediate Lessons on a regular basis, and with you level of Spanish, that'd probably help you out the most. But, I agree, the diversity adds an interesting element to the course.



Wednesday at 02:35 AM
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No worries, I have a thicker skin than that. Actually, we are putting only a hold on things. The only series that will be offered are Newbie season 2 and Beginner season 2 with Natalia and I and then lower and upper intermediate with Kathy and Ana for the time being. I feel our diversity is a strength as well...

Wednesday at 01:24 AM
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Thanks for the news. I wonder that becomes of Alan and Lisy if Carlos and Natalia will be host also the Beginner Series 2 (so alltogether 3 series + the verb series of Carlos and Dylan). For me it's a little too much Carlos (sorry Carlos, nothing against you, no me lleve a mal), but I think the variety of different speakers is very important for SPOD and I liked the core curriculum lessons from Lima very much. Any new series for Alan and Lisy?