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Friday at 06:29 PM
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Alright, so let's have it. Who has questions or comments about the 2, yes, count them 2 new series that we're all looking forward to?

Saturday at 10:13 PM
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Hey Rodney,

We expect to roll out Newbie Series Season two toward the end of July and the Upper Intermediate Series mid August. I'll be posting more in the forum as to what we can expect from these series. Also, if there's something you'd like us to include, please, let us know: conversation topics, grammar topics, etc. Really, the way we see it, we're creating the curriculum for you, the student, and not for us, the instructor. OK. I've got to catch a flight. Talk to you soon.



Saturday at 01:18 PM
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Eso es definitivamente buen noticias. Esperar el series medio-alto con ansias y también escuchar más de Carlos y Natalia.

Sabes para cuándo podemos esperar los cambios?