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Sunday at 06:30 PM
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JP Villanueva
Tuesday at 01:12 AM
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Hi Robert,

Thanks for subscribing to SpanishPod101, and thanks for voicing your concerns! Sorry about the confusion, we'll try to work through it.

When you come to https://www.spanishpod101.com, you'll hit our landing page (the one with the auto-start video on it). It may or may not ask you to log in, depending on if your computer remembers your log-in/password series. If it asks you to, do log-in, and then click through. You might see an "enter the site" link in red at the top of the page.

The "enter the site" link will take you to https://www.spanishpod101.com/index.php, let's call this the index page. On this page, you'll see the freshest lessons, in order of freshness (i.e., most recently published lesson at the top). You'll see the lesson title in red; below that, the series (level) in orange; and below that, a few paragraphs of lesson marketing.

Below the marketing paragraphs, you'll see three short columns, "Free content," "Basic Members," and "Premium Members." As a premium member, you have access to all of that content (free users don't have access to Basic and Premium content). Below those columns, you'll find a new lesson.

Currently, Fernando and I are publishing Absolute Beginner lessons (Season 1) and Lower Intermediate lessons (Season 3) on alternating Mondays. On Tuesdays, we publish and All About Spanish lessons. On Wednesdays we alternate between our Beginner series (Season 5) and our Refresher series (Season 1). We only started publishing these new lessons at the beginning of January 2010, so I'm guessing what you saw was Refresher Season 1, Lesson 1; and Beginner Season 5, lesson 1 or 2. We are publishing these bi-weekly, so Refresher 3 and 4 have yet to come out!

If you'd like to browse the archive of lessons that have been published in the last three years, you may or may not have an easier time getting to it this way:

1) from the index page (https://www.spanishpod101.com/index.php) click "Learning Center."

2) Click the gray button "Browse All Lessons."

3) There, you'll see some bricks. Bricks that are not selected are gray. Click on a brick to select it, and it will turn red. Then, if you look below the bricks, you'll see a list of lessons of that level appear below. So click on the brick of the level that you're interested in, and then choose a lesson from the list that appears.

I hope this explanation is helpful. If you need more specific help navigating the site, please shoot us an email at contactus@spanishpod101.com.

Thanks for subscribing! Hope this works for you!


Robert R Smith
Sunday at 12:01 AM
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Just signed up for Premium Service. I find your format extremely difficult to follow. For example when I tried to sign up I was receiving many emails every day. I was unable to find what was important and what wasn't. Now that I am signed up I am having the same problems. For example:

I found Refresher Lesson S1 and S5. Could not find Refresher lessons 2, 3 or 4.

Now every time I sign on I access something called "free lessons". If I have already agreed to subscribe to your premium lessons why can't I find them easily?

My problem is that every time I sign on, you are offering a huge varieties of programs. How can I easily find the simple beginner lessons I want? And every time I sign on I have to go through the same complicated procedure.

I tried another method of contacting you and I was unable to send the messages I typed.