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Sunday at 06:30 PM
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The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Spanish just got cheaper!

(If you don't want a 24-Month Subscription, it will work on other subscriptions, but shh! don't tell anyone else :wink:)

Federico Casanares
Thursday at 03:55 PM
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How do I apply for 24 for 24 on monthly basis?

Wednesday at 04:31 PM
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Hola Carlos,

thank you for the update, I wrote also in the forum about it. What SPOD made attractive for me, was being confronted to the diversity of Spanish right from the start. So having now only hosts from Costa Rica is a big step backwards for me. I understand that the diversity could be confusing for beginners, but at least at Intermediate Level you should have more than one variety of Spanish.



Wednesday at 06:00 AM
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Hola mariposa,

Yes, for the time being our hosts will be from Costa Rica. We will not be doing any work with Iberian hosts at the moment but if this changes I will be sure to let you know. In comparison to many other regional dialects, Costa Rican Spanish is very similar to Columbian Spanish as it is spoken very clearly and can be considered more neutral to the ear. What you see written on paper is generally what you will hear spoken. We are strengthening our core lessons before possibly moving once again to regional dialects.



Sunday at 09:48 PM
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will there be in the near future, intermediate or advanced series with hosts from Spain or other Latin American countries?

If we will have now an intermediate series with Costa Rican hosts, there will be nearly all series from Costa Rica, or am I wrong?

thank you for an information on this.