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Monday at 06:30 PM
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Thursday at 01:57 AM
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We are very happy you enjoy the lessons. Please let us know what you think about the premium subscription! We try to be different from other language learning methods and we are very pleased that our conversations are useful and clear for you. If you have any questions on content, grammar, or just in general, don't hesitate to comment!



Wednesday at 12:36 PM
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This sounds like a really great deal. I've been meaning to try out the Premium subscription for a while now. I'd gladly pay the full price, of course! I really enjoy all the lesson levels I've tried, particularly because I haven't been able to find as many useful and clear conversations elsewhere. On TV or in person, they go so quickly and on many CDs and websites the lessons are just word-by-word. You guys do a great job and the lessons are entertaining as well. Thanks!

Monday at 11:27 PM
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Very exciting news! Seems like getting a Basic or Premium subscription make a lot more sense now. Did you know that Spod101 currently have released 300+ Lessons to date? What I like about this change is that long time listeners are finally being rewarded. If you've been with Spod101 from the beginning, you can still receive our newest released in a three week window and can add to your collection of Spod101 Curriculum.

So, if you're new to Spod101 and want to start from scratch (not including the Introduction Series or the Sample Feed), you'll need to become at least a Basic Member, which Innovative Language is making easier than ever with a 45% Discount, offered only this week.

Keep the great lessons coming!