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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, I am Rosa. This is Spanish weekly words Holiday’s edition and I am about to discover what the holiday is for today’s and it’s Halloween like lately we have been celebrating it more and more and now there are like costume parties and everything.
The first word is Halloween. It is Halloween.
El próximo Halloween me quiero disfrazar de calabaza. Next Halloween, I want to dress up as a Pumpkin.
And the next word is calabaza which means Pumpkin, my favorite Pumpkin ever is Japanese Pumpkin. Mi calabaza favorita es la japonesa. Japanese Pumpkin is more dense and sweeter. So I could eat it just by itself like steamed Pumpkin. Other types of pumpkins, I don’t think they have like as much flavor as the Japanese one, I love it.
The next word is espíritu which means spirit. Los espiritus fueron a visitarle por la noche. The spirits went to visit him at night.
The next word is guaxa which is kind of witch kind of character that exist in the traditional culture of Asturias. It has only one tooth and it like visits children at night and like bites them with this one tooth like they end up dying and I don’t know they scare children with these tail of the guaxa. Cuando alguien mencionó a la guaxa el bebé comnezó a llorar. When someone mentioned the guaxa the baby has started to cry.
The next word is Don Juan Tenorio which is play by José Zorrilla. It’s like romantic drama. En la obra de Don Juan Tenorio mueren algunas personas. Some people die during the play of Don Juan Tenorio.
This is the end of today’s Spanish weekly words holiday’s edition. I hope you liked it and thank you very much for watching. Please don’t forget to check the site, bye.