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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, I am Rosa and this is Spanish weekly words holiday’s edition and I am about to discover what holiday we will be talking about today and it’s Fiestas del Pilar this takes place in Zaragoza the Virgin of Pilar is the patron saint of Zaragoza.
So their holiday is like dedicated to this patron saint. The first word is las Fiestas del Pilar which is the name of the holiday las Fiestas del Pilar. Durante las fiestas del pilar la gente ofrece flores a la Virgen. During las Fiestas del Pilar, the people offer flowers to the Virgin.
The next word is Virgen del Pilar it is the Virgin of Pilar. It’s as I said patron saint of Zaragoza. These holidays are in her honor. La Virgen del Pilar tiene muchos mantos diferentes. The Virgin of Pilar has very different capes.
The next word is títere which means Puppet. So during this holiday, there are like some representations with puppets for the kids or the children. Hay teatros de títeres para los más jóvenes. There are puppet shows for the young guests.
The next word is manto which means cape or cloak. The Virgin of Pilar has different capes. I think that in every different season she wears a different one. El manto de la Virgen del Pilar se llena de flores. The cape of the Virgin of Pilar is filled with flowers.
The next word is clavel which means carnation. So this is like the most traditional flower in – I would say in Spain in general like a Red Carnation. Es muy típico que la gente lleve claveles rojos. It’s very traditional for the people to wear Red Carnations.
This is the end of today’s Spanish weekly words holiday’s edition. I hope you liked it. Thank you very much for watching. Please don’t forget to check the site. Bye.