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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Rosa and this is Spanish weekly words holiday’s edition and I am about to see what the holiday for today is, Viking Pilgrimage. So this is a holiday celebrated in the North of Spain in Galicia.
[Romería Vikinga] which is “Viking Pilgrimage”. [Durante la romería vikinga la gente se disfraza de vikingos] - “During the Viking Pilgrimage, people dress up as Vikings”.
[gallego] which means “Galician person”. [Cuando hablan los gallegos parece que cantan] - “When they talk, Galician people seem to be singing.”
[desembarco] which means “disembarkation or landing”. So in this holiday like they have like a Viking kind of boat. They do these like disembarkation reenactment and the fight that takes place after that. [Después del desembarco comienza la pelea] - “After the disembarkation, they fight start.”
[gaita] which means “Bagpipes”. So that’s the like traditional instrument in Galicia. [Me gusta mucho el sonido de la gaita] - “I really like the sound of the Bagpipes”.
[drakkar] which is a “Viking ship”. [El drakkar desembarcó en un puerto de Galicia] - “The Viking ship disembarked at a Galician’s port”. This is the end of today’s Spanish weekly words holiday’s edition. I hope you found it interesting and thank you for watching. Please don’t forget to check the site, bye.