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Lesson Transcript

It’s so hot in here! Hi, everyone! I'm Rosa, and this is Spanish Weekly Words, holidays edition. And I’m about to see what’s the holiday for today is, Fallas de Valencia.
1. Fallas de Valencia "Fallas of Vallencia"
This happened in Valencia.
Durante las Fallas de Valencia se queman las figuras. "During the Fallas of Valencia, they burn the figures."
2. Los monumentos falleros "The Fallas monuments"
These figures are almost always parodies of, like, important figures in politics or in society, so they are very funny. The thing about last five years, is that they burn all of the figures at the end of it. That’s like the most important moment of the holiday when they burn all of them.
Hay un museo con los monumentos falleros que ganaron cada año. "There's a museum with the Fallas monuments that won every year."
So the ones that win, they don’t burn it. They keep them in the museum, but the other ones, they burn them.
3. Espectáculo pirotécnico "Fireworks show"
During the night, also during the day, all children have firecrackers, making noises on the street.
El espectáctulo pirotécnico de las Fallas de Valencia fue muy impresionante. "The fireworks show during the Fallas of Valencia was very impressive."
4. La Nit del Foc, which is "The Night of the Fire"
So during the three days they are having these fireworks shows, each day is bigger and more impressive than the last one, so the third one is "The Night of the Fire”, and it’s a huge firework show.
Me gustaría mucho ver el espectáculo pirotécnico de La Nit del Foc. "I would really like to see the fireworks show during the Night of the Fire."
5. La Despertà, which is like the tradition during the Fallas.
There’s a band that goes on the main streets during the morning, playing instruments. Some neighbors have been complaining lately because they were very noisy.
La Despertà es una tradición que no le gusta a muchos vecinos. "La Despertà is a tradition that a lot of neighbors don't like."
So this is end of today’s Spanish Weekly Words holidays edition, I hope it was interesting for you, please don’t forget to check the site. Thank you for watching this video, see you soon! Bye!