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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! I'm Rosa and this is Spanish Weekly Words Holidays Edition and I'm about to discover what holiday will be talking about today.
So it is Carnival!
1. Carnaval "Carnival"
Carnaval which is "Carnival".
El pasado carnaval se disfrazó de tulipán. "Last Carnival she dressed up as a tulip."
2. Máscara "Mask"
Máscara which is "Mask".
Typical tour like some mask during the carnival, it's not as typical as cities in like, I don't know, Venice and so, but yeah, it still is can be part of the costume.
El se puso una máscara de león. "He wore a lion mask."
3. Entierro de la Sardina "Burial of the Sardine"
In some places like they do our parade at the end, they symbolically bury a sardine, and it's supposed to symbolize, like, the past. They wished like to start anew.
Me parece extraño que entierren una sardina durante el Entierro de la Sardina. "I find strange that they bury a sardine in the Burial of the Sardine."
4. Reina del Carnaval "Carnival Queen"
So especially in the Canary Islands, they do this competition. I don't know how many, but like a few girls wear like super big and heavy dresses. They weigh a ton and they go out and dance a little bit and they have to be really careful.
Me gustó mucho el vestido de la Reina del Carnaval de este año. "I really liked the dress from the Carnival Queen of this year."
5. Carnaval de Tenerife "Carnival of Tenerife"
So, inside the Canary Islands, the most famous carnival takes place in Tenerife.
Siempre puedes ver imágenes del Carnaval de Tenerife en la televisión. "You can always see images from the Carnival of Tenerife on television."
This is the end of today's Spanish weekly words, holidays edition. I hope you learn something interesting. Thank you for watching this video.
Please don't forget to check the site, and see you soon. Bye!