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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! I'm Rosa, and this is Spanish weekly words holidays edition, and I'm about to discover what holiday we will be talking about today.
So it is, Valentine's Day!
In Valentine's Day, I guess it's the same in all countries, like couples normally meet and they go to a restaurant and they exchange presents. So yeah, and all the department stores are filled with hearts and pink stuff and Teddy Bears. That's it!
1. Día de San Valentín “Valentine's Day”
Día de San Valentín, which is “Valentine's Day”.
Ella consiguió un novio justo antes del Día de San Valentín. “She got a boyfriend right before St. Valentine's Day.”
2. Intercambiar “To exchange (gifts)”
Intercambiar which is “To exchange (gifts)”.
So yeah, as I said it's normal to exchange gifts with your partner. Like, of course, depends on the couple, like, there’re some that don't really like to give each other presents on this holiday.
Ellos se intercambiaron los regalos en el restaurante. “They exchanged gifts in the restaurant.”
3. Osito de peluche “Teddy bear”
Osito de peluche, which is “Teddy bear”.
No tenía suficiente espacio en su habitación para ese oso de peluche. “She didn't had enough space for the teddy bear.”
4. Beso “Kiss”
Yeah, I don't know that's what couples do.
Se dieron un beso después de intercambiar los regalos. “They kissed after exchanging their gifts.”
5. Día del Soltero “Single's Day”
Día del Soltero, which is “Single's Day”.
This is, in during the 13th of February, so one day before St. Valentine's Day. Well, it's not that like something special happen on that day, but normally, like, single friends meet and maybe go to a restaurant together. You know, have a few drinks, yeah.
El Día del Soltero quede con mis amigas para ir a un restaurante. “On Single's Day, I met some friends to go to a restaurant.”
So, this is the end of today's Spanish Weekly Words Holidays Edition. I hope you found it interesting and thank you for watching this video. Please don't forget to check the site and see you soon. Bye!