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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, I am Rosa and this is Spanish weekly words holiday’s edition and I discovered now what the holiday for today is and it’s Constitution Day.
The Constitution Day is the beginning of December and it marks like the approval of the constitution that happened in like 1978 after the dictatorship of Franco. Día de la Constitución Constitution Day. So that’s the name of the holiday.
Antes del día de la Constitución damos clases de historia extra en el colegio. Before Constitution Day, we take extra history classes at school.
Franco, who is Francisco Franco, he was the – dictatorship in Spain. So it was after his death, the new constitution was approved like after him, the democracy came and also the monarchy.
Mucha gente tiene malos recuerdos de la época de Franco. A lot of people have bad memories from the Franco period.
Constitución which is constitution.
The one we are like celebrating with this holiday is the one approved in 1978.
Hay una constitución en España llamada 'La Pepa'. There is a constitution in Spain called 'La Pepa'.
Revisar which is to revise.
Antes de publicar la Constitución tuvieron que revisarla durante mucho tiempo. Before publishing the new constitution, they had to revise it for a very long time.
Derechos y deberes which is Rights and Obligations.
Todos mis derechos y deberes están explicados en la Constitución. All my rights and obligations are explained in the constitution.
So this is the end of today’s Spanish weekly words holiday’s edition. Today we talked about the constitution day. I hope you learned something interesting. Please don’t forget to check the site and see you soon, bye.