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Lesson Transcript

My name is Rosa and today we will be doing a holiday edition for these Spanish weekly words. So let’s see what the first holiday is. So it’s holy week. The Holy week it means, indicates it lasts for a week. What we celebrate in that week is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So during that week, there are a lot of procesiónes. People go to the streets with figures and sculptures of Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary. So let’s go to the words.
So the first word is [Semana Santa] which is the translation of the “holy week”. [Durante la Semana Santa comemos muchos rosquillos tontos.] - “During the holy week, we eat a lot of dumb donuts”. They are like fried donuts. In the town my parents are from, they call it like dumb donuts, I don’t know why but they are pretty delicious and I am looking forward to having some.
So the next word is [Domingo de Pascua] which is”Easter Sunday”. Easter Sunday is the Sunday Jesus Christ resurrects. Yeah in Spain, we don’t really associate the Easter word with bunnies or Chocolate eggs. So yeah [Mis amigas fueron a la iglesia en Domingo de Pascua.] - “My friends went to the church the Easter Sunday”.
The next word is [Viernes Santo] which means “good Friday” and it’s the day Jesus Christ dies [Fui a ver procesiones el Viernes Santo.] - “On Good Friday, I went to see some martyrs”. Yeah I don’t know the exact word of this or the traditional martyrs we do in Spain during the holy week.
The next word is [crucifixión] which means “crucifixion”. [El Viernes Santo es el día en que Jesucrito fue crucificado.] - “Good Friday was the day Jesus Christ was crucified”.
The next word is [resurrección] resurrection [Jesucristo resucitó el tercer día despues de su muerte.] - “Jesus Christ resurrected on the 3rd day of his death”.
So this is the end of today blah blah! So this is the end of today’s Spanish weekly words holiday’s edition. I hope you learned something about how we celebrate the holy week and don’t forget to check this out. Bye. I wouldn’t want to die crucified.