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Lesson Transcript

Alex: Hi everybody, I am Alex and welcome to weekly words. I don’t know the theme of the words I am going to teach you. So let’s get started. The theme is buildings. Mi casa, tu casa which means my house, your house. It’s just a way of welcoming everybody and telling them to feel comfortable in your house. And the first word is:
1. departamento apartment
Mi departamento es muy chiquito. My apartment is very small. True story.
2. dormitorio dormitory
My dormitory is really small. That one, that one is freakishly small. Vivo en el dormitorio de mi universidad. I sleep in my university’s dormitory. Interesting fact, in Mexico, dormitories are not really common. It’s really rare to have a university with dormitories.
3. terrateniente landlord
Siempre me escondo de mi terrateniente. I always hide from my landlord.
4. ascensor elevator
Me gusta picarle a los botones del elevador. I like pushing buttons in elevators.
rascacielos skyscraper
Scratch. It literally means scratching the skies. So I always imagine somebody going *scratch scratch scratch* Slangy. Puedes ver el atardecer en un rascacielos. You can watch the sunset in the skyscraper.
This is it, thank you very much for stopping by. I am Alex and see you next time, bye.


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Which word do you like the most?

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Hola Paul,

That´s just right. :wink:

Good work. Please let me know if you have any question.



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Me gusta la palabra "rascacielos" mucho! Es muy poético.

I like the word "skyscraper" very much. It is very poetic.

I guess it is like "skyscratcher"?

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Hello lee j won,

Thanks for your smile! Which word do you like the most?


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