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Lesson Transcript

Alex: Hi everybody, welcome to weekly words. I am Alex. I don’t know the theme or the words I am going to teach you. So let’s figure them out together. Health concerns:
1. dolor pain
Cuando me pegan siento dolor. When somebody hits me, I feel pain, hit me.
2. dolor de cabeza headache
Traigo dolor de cabeza. I have a headache, pain.
3. picazón itch
El mosquito me dió picazón. The mosquito gave me an itch.
4. quemadura burn
Mi quemadura duele mucho. My burn hurts a lot.
5. tos cough
El invierno es temporada de tos. Winter is cough season.
Yeah, well thank you very much for stopping by. This is it and I hope to see you next time, bye. My face is probably going to be like *grin* blah blah.


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Tuesday at 06:30 PM
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Which word do you like the most?

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Sunday at 02:04 AM
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Hola jean,

Thank you for your comment.

Is just one way to say it in Spanish.

Sigamos practicando!



Team SpanishPod101.com

Monday at 09:40 AM
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Usando traigo dolor de cabeza is muy diferente como traigo/ bring dolor?

Marc Couture-rigert
Saturday at 04:01 AM
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Wednesday at 05:17 AM
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Hola Paul,

Any is use. But when we use "traigo" it more like having a headache for a really long time.



Team SpanishPod101.com

Saturday at 06:06 AM
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Por qué "traigo" en "traigo un dolor de cabeza."

Why "I bring" in "I bring a headache" (translating literally here!) .

Is that different than "tengo dolor de cabeza" or "me duele la cabeza."