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Lesson Transcript

Alex: Hi everybody, it’s Alex and welcome again to weekly words. I don’t know what the words are going to be and I don’t know the theme. So let’s get started. The theme is Mexican food.
1. burrito
Mis burritos favoritos son picosos. My favorite burritos are spicy.
2. sope
Sope is a thick tortilla that has meat or vegetables or whatever you want to put on top of it, yeah. Cuando como sopes me ensucio las manos. When I eat sope I get my hands dirty.
3. torta
La torta es como el lunch mexicano. Torta is like the Mexican sandwich.
4. quesadilla
Las quesadillas son muy facil de hacer. Quesadillas are very easy to make.
5. guacamole
El guacamole cae con todo. Guacamole goes well with everything.
Hey well this is everything. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you go out and try all these Mexican foods because they are really awesome, and tell me what’s your favorite food. I like all of them so I can’t choose. I will see you next time, bye. I love you, random citizen.