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Lesson Transcript

Alex: Welcome to weekly words, my name is Alex. Going through customs:
1. cuarentena quarantine
Cuando tienes una enfermedad peligrosa te ponen en cuarentena. When you have a dangerous disease, they put you in quarantine.
2. nacionalidad nationality
Mi nacionalidad es mexicana. My nationality is Mexican.
3. visa visa
Necesitas una visa para trabajar en otro país. You need a visa to work at another country.
4. pasaporte passport
Necesitas un pasaporte para visitar otros países. You need a passport to visit other countries.
5. permiso de reingreso reentry permit
Necesitas un permiso de reingreso para regresar a un país. You need a reentry permit to reenter into a country.
This was it, thank you for stopping by and see you next week, bye.


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