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Lesson Transcript

Alex: Hi welcome to weekly words and my name is Alex. So I don’t know the words or the theme. The theme is disasters, desastres. Okay let’s get started:
1. avalancha, avalanche
Las avalanchas son impresionantes. Avalanches are impressive. Because they are so big and they just get you.
2. terremoto, earthquake
I always freak out. First when I got here, I jumped off my bed.
Los terremotos sacuden todo. Earthquakes shake everything.
3. tifón, typhoon
Llueve mucho cuando hay un tifón. It rains a lot when there is a typhoon.
4. tormenta de arena, sandstorm
En el estado de Chihuahua hay muchas tormentas de arena. In the state of Chihuahua, there is a lot of sandstorms.
5. tornado, tornado
El tornado se llevó mi casa. The tornado took my house.
Thank you very much for stopping by. This was weekly words and see you next time, bye.