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Lesson Transcript

Alex: Hi welcome to weekly words. I am Alex, I don’t know the words that I am going to show you or the theme, so let’s get started. The theme is clothing actions:
1. coser sew
Fun fact, coser can also mean – no, never mind. En la preparatoria estaba en clases de coser. In high school, I was in sewing class. I learned nothing but…nothing, it did not stick.
2. lavar wash
No sé como lavar mi ropa. I don’t know how to wash my clothes. Dump it altogether and see what happens.
3. poner put on
Mi hermana se va a poner un vestido para la boda. My sister is going to put on a dress for the wedding.
4. probarse / probar try on
A mi hermano le gusta probarse sombreros. My brother likes to try on hats.
5. quitarse / quitar take off
A mi perro le gusta quitarse las pulgas. My dog likes to take off its fleas. Okay so the verbs try on, put on and take off have a different ending depending on who you are talking about. If you are talking about somebody else, then they end with se but if you are talking about yourself, you write me like probarme, quitarme, ponerme.
Well this is it, thank you for stopping by and see you next week, bye.


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I'm new here. I wanted something only in Spanish. Is it all mostly in English :disappointed: ?