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Lesson Transcript

Alex: Hi this is Alex and welcome back to weekly words. This week’s theme is Mexican states.
1. Michoacán (de Ocampo)
We usually just say Michoacán instead of using the full name. Michoacán tiene paletas de hielo muy famosas. Michoacán has famous popsicles.
2. Nuevo León
I think my grandpa was from there and En Nuevo León está el famoso cerro de La Silla. In Nuevo León is the famousmountain de La Silla.
3. Chiapas
I do know that one. Chiapas está en el mero sur de México. Chiapas is very far south of Mexico.
4. Chihuahua
I like Chihuahua. I don’t like kung fu Chihuahua. The Chihuahua is on the north of the country bordering with the United States and it’s also the largest state in Mexico. And also there is a dog named Chihuahua too, it comes from the state. Chihuahua es un estado desértico. Chihuahua is a desert state.
5. Puebla
Puebla is a state famous for type of food that’s called mole. It’s like a sauce that could have either chili or chocolate, sesame seeds and it’s really good with chicken or other type of meat. A mi me gusta mucho el mole de Puebla. I really like the mole from Puebla.
The end, so this is it. Thank you for stopping by and see you next week. Bye.


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Sunday at 06:30 PM
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Which word do you like the most?

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Sunday at 03:36 AM
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Hola Paul,

Machu Picchu es muy bello e interesante, yo he lo he visitado 3 veces y me gustaría seguir volviendo. :sunglasses:

To say “important enough to be called”, you were close "Lo suficientemente importante para ser llamado(-a)..."

Sigamos practicando.



Team SpanishPod101.com

Wednesday at 05:51 AM
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perdón, "Picchu."

Wednesday at 05:47 AM
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Aquí en Colorado, vivo cerca de la montaña se llama Pike's Peak (pico de Pike). Es definitivamente de bastante importante que se llamado "montaña." Las "montañas" de la costa este son, en realidad, cerros.

Here in Colorado I live next to the mountain called Pike's Peak. It is definitely important enough to be called "mountain." The "mountains" on the east coast are, in reality, hills.

Me temo que la segunda frase arriba (encima?) es incorrecta. No estoy seguro como se dice "important enough to be called."

I'm afraid my second sentence above is incorrect. I'm not sure how to say . . .

En el futuro, espero que ver Machu Piccu.

Gracias como siempre, :sunglasses:

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Tuesday at 01:18 PM
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Hola Paul,

Yes is true!

Here in Peru, we don't use "montaña" instead we say "cerro".

We keep "montaña" for the important ones.



Team SpanishPod101.com

Tuesday at 11:34 AM
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cerro -- no lo he visto anteriormente, siempre se dice montaña.

Cerro -- I have not seen it before, it's always "montaña."

Según al dicccionario, "cerro" significa "hill." Es cierto?

According to the dictionary, cerro means hill, is that true? That distinguishes it from "mountain."