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Lesson Transcript

Alex: Hi everybody, I am Alex. Welcome to weekly words. So I don’t know the theme or the words I am going to teach you. So they are all new for me too. School supplies:
1. bolígrafo, ballpoint pen
Bolígrafo ball point pen. My favorite word bolígrafo sounds so fancy. Bolígrafo is more of fancy word for pen. Usually we just say pluma which is just pen. Firmé el contrato con un bolígrafo. I signed my contract with the ballpoint pen.
2. borrador, eraser
Siempre doblo la hoja cuando uso un borrador. I always wrinkle the paper when I use an eraser.
3. lápiz, pencil
El lápiz más famoso es el numero dos. The most famous pencil is #2.
4. mochila, backpack
Mi mochila es café. My backpack is brown.
5. pegamento, glue
No te comas el pegamento. Don’t eat glue.
This is it. These were our school supplies and thank you for stopping by. I am Alex, see you next time, bye. Crayons.


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By far my favorite video lessons! I get a laugh every time. I appreciate your short commentaries on the official word and also the more common versions. Thanks for making this effort fun.