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Lesson Transcript

Alex: Okay hi everybody, welcome to weekly words, I am Alex. So I don’t know what the theme is or the words that I am going to teach you. So let’s get started. Clothes ropa:
1. camisa shirt
Mi perro destrozó mi camisa favorita. My dog destroyed my favorite shirt, true story.
2. pantalones pants
Cuando los pantalones huelen feo es hora de lavarlos. When pants smell bad, it’s time to wash them. If they don’t pass the sniffing test, you know like yeah, you are going to wash.
3. pantalones de mezclilla jeans
Los pantalones de mezclilla son mis favoritos. Jeans are my favorite.
4. la playera T-Shirt
Mi playera favorita es de Iron Maiden. My favorite T-Shirt is of Iron Maiden, I don’t know.
5. vestido dress
Las damas usan vestidos. Ladies wear dresses. I don’t wear dresses.
This is it, thank you very much for watching this video. This was clothes ropa and I hope to see you next time, bye. I was going to say like it’s fun not to wear pants. No maybe not.