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Lesson Transcript

Alex: Hi I am Alex and welcome to weekly words. I don’t know what words I am going to teach you and I don’t know the subject. So let’s find out the subject. On a plane en un avión so the first word is:
1. asiento de la ventana window seat
Me gusta sentarme en el asiento de la ventana. I like sitting at the window seat.
2. asiento del pasillo aisle seat
Es conveniente sentarte en el asiento del pasillo. It’s convenient to sit at the aisle seat. Next one:
3. bolsa para el mareo sick bag
Yo necesito una bolsa para el mareo. I need a sick bag.
4. primera clase first class
Me gustaría estar en primera clase. I would like to be on first class.
5. sobrecargo flight attendant
El sobrecargo saludó a los pasajeros. The flight attendant waved at the passengers.
Well this was it, thank you for stopping by again and see you next week, bye.