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Lesson Transcript

Alex: Hi welcome to weekly words, I am Alex and I don’t know the words that I am going to teach you nor the theme. Rooms in your house. The first word is:
1. baño bathroom
El excusado está en el baño. The toilet is in the bathroom.
2. cocina kitchen
I know the kitchen. Mi mamá está en la cocina. My mom is in the kitchen.
3. comedor Dining room
Dining, dining, dining... Me gusta comer en el comedor. I like to eat in the dining room.
4. recámara bedroom
Yo duermo en mi recámara. I sleep in my bedroom. I have a TV in my bedroom.
5. sala de estar living room
Vemos películas en la sala de estar. We watch movies in the living room.
This was it and thank you very much for stopping by. See you next week, bye.