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Lesson Transcript

Alex: Hi, welcome to weekly words. I am Alex like always I don’t know what the words are. So let’s get started. Your face:
1. cabello hair
Hair for humans is cabello this is cabello hair for animals, it’s called pelo. Mi cabello está largo. My hair is long. Next one,
2. ceja eyebrow
Puedo levantar la ceja. I can raise my eyebrow, you know, I need food.
3. nariz nose
Tengo tu nariz. I’ve got your nose.
4. ojo eye
Same as with eyebrows, you just add an s, oyos for the plural. Oh, fun fact, people sometimes say like ojo and it means like watch out. Mi ojo es café. My eye is brown.
5. barbilla chin
I don’t like my chin, chin up or something. Él tiene una barbilla picuda. He has a pointy chin.
Well this was it and thank you very much for stopping by. See you next week, bye.