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Lesson Transcript

Alex: Welcome to weekly words. My name is Alex and I don’t know the theme or the words that I have to talk to you about. So let’s get started. Being sick:
1. gripe flu
Me veo muy desagradable cuando tengo gripe. I look really disgusting when I have the flu.
2. tos cough
I want to cough *coughing* Me molesta la garganta tener tos. It annoys me – no my throat hurts when I have a cough .
3. vomitar to vomit
Viajar largas distancias me hace vomitar. Traveling long distances makes me vomit, it’s not lie.
4. estornudo sneeze
So estornudo can be used as a noun or as a verb. El estornudo de mi perro me despertó. the sneeze of my dog woke me up. I have a huge German shepherd.
5. resaca hangover
Ir a clases con una resaca es lo peor. Going to class with a hangover is the worst.
So this is it. The theme was being sick. So I will see you next time, bye.