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Lesson Transcript

Alex: Welcome to weekly words. My name is Alex and I don’t know the words or the theme of this week. So let’s get started. Jobs, the theme is jobs. Tabajos.
1. oficial de policía police officer
Usually we just call them policía or in plural policías. Al oficial de policía le gustan las donas. The police officer likes donuts.
2. granjero farmer
El granjero cosecha frijol. the farmer grows beans.
3. ama de casa housewife
Me gustaría ser una ama de casa. I would like to be a housewife, not really.
4. ingeniero engineer
In Spanish, an engineer can also be a title like when you have your PhD, you are a doctor, when you are an engineer, they call you ingeniero as your title. El ingeniero es muy inteligente. the engineer is really smart.
5.programador / programadora programmer
Okay this is the masculine form of programmer. If it’s a woman, she would be called programadora.La programadora nunca sale. The programmer never goes outside and this is it.
The theme this week was jobs. See you next week.