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Lesson Transcript

Welcome to weekly words. My name is Alex and I don’t know the theme of this week and I don’t know the words either. So let’s get started. Computer words.
1. teclado, keyboard.
Yeah so teclado can also be one of those electronic pianos.
No soy buena tocando el teclado. I am not good playing the keyboard.
2. ordenador portatil, laptop computer.
Usually we just call it a laptop.
Me robaron mi laptop. they stole my laptop.
3. ratón, mouse
Ratón is also a name of the animal mouse.
Me gusta jugar con el ratón. I like to play with the mouse.
4. auriculares, headphones.
A more common word for headphones is audífonos.
Compré unos audífonos muy grandes. I bought some really big headphones.
5. pantalla, monitor.
Pantalla can also mean to the screen of a television or just anything that shows images is called.
Rompí mi pantalla. I broke my monitor, that’s not a lie.
These were computer words and I am Alex and see you next time.