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Lesson Transcript

Alex: Hi everybody, welcome to weekly words. I am Alex, I don’t know what we are going to talk about but I am going to teach you some words according to a theme. Let’s find out, continents okay. So the first word is:
1. África, Africa
Hay africanos en África. There is Africans in Africa.
2. Antártida, Antarctica
There is penguins in Antarctica. Solo hay nieve en Antártida. There is only snow in Antarctica.
3. Australia, Australia
There is Kangaroos in Australia.
Australia tiene muchos animales únicos y peligrosos. Australia has a lot of unique and dangerous animals. Everything kills you!
4. Europa, Europe
Hechiceros viven en Europa. Wizards live in Europe.
5. Norte América, North America
México está en Norte América. Mexico is in North America.
I love you Camera, no I don’t. See you next time, oh no, not next time. Well this is the end, thank you for checking out weekly words. I am Alex, bye bye.