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Lesson Transcript

Alex: Hi everybody, welcome to weekly words, I am Alex. I don’t know the words I am going to teach you. So let’s find out the theme. Furniture, the theme is furniture and the first word is:
1. cama bed
Nunca me quiero salir de mi cama. I never want to get out of my bed.
2. escritorio desk
Odio cuando hay chicle debajo de mi escritorio. I hate it when there is gum under my desk.
3. mesa de café coffee table
Mi mesa de café es de madera. my coffee table is of wood. Yeah it’s wood, it’s wooden.
4. silla chair
Mi abuelo hizo una silla. my grandpa made a chair .
5. sofá sofa
Me gusta dormir en el sofá cuando veo películas. I like to sleep on the sofa when I watch movies.
This was… *blah blah*
Well, this is it. Thank you for stopping by and see you next week, bye.