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Lesson Transcript

Alex: Hi welcome to weekly words, I am Alex. So I don’t know the words or the theme of the words. So let’s find out what the theme is. Post office, I don’t know where the mailman lives, in the post office? So the first word is:
1. buzón mailbox
Like I am always afraid that something is going to jump out of the mailbox. I am afraid of heights too Me da miedo de que algo me vaya a saltar del buzón. I am afraid that something is going to jump out of the mailbox.
2. dirección address
This word has two meanings dirección could mean address or direction Es importante saberte tu dirección. it’s important to know your address.
3. Sobre envelope
They taste funny Los sobres saben raro. envelopes taste funny.
4. carta letter
Yo nunca he recibido una carta. I had never received a letter.
5.paquete parcel
Parcel, parcel, parcel….Recibí un paquete lleno de dulces. I received a parcel full of candy, true story.
Okay well this was it. I hope you can use these words in the future. So I will see you next time, bye.


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Tuesday at 6:30 pm
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Which word do you like the most?

Saturday at 2:45 pm
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Hola Lee,

Thank you for your feedback!

Don't worry our team will review it and be consider for future lessons.



Team SpanishPod101.com

lee j won
Wednesday at 10:00 am
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yes, i like fun lessons too, i just ment that if there is too many jokes, nobody will take it seriously, and when you are trying to learn, it's just a little bit distracting. i like fun lessons, but if there is too many jokes, sometimes it IS distracting a little bit, and just saying this, but then nobody will take your lessons seriously. other than that, i'm ok. p.s. can you put a reply button so we don't have to write like this and we don't know who were replying to? :smile::grin:

Monday at 2:31 pm
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Hi lee j won!

Thank you for posting your feedback.

We are sorry that you do not seem to enjoy the teaching style, but I thought you mentioned before that you like fun lessons. We do try to provide our students with fun as well as helpful lessons, so we are doing our best, I promise you! :thumbsup:

I hope you will like our future lessons more!


Team SpanishPod101.com

lee j won
Thursday at 9:41 am
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ok, i'm just saying this for improvement on spanish pod 101.com : 1. people, even though this is a short lesson, i find it difficult to learn with all these jokes coming up every time! sure, i like jokes once in a while, but this is going a tad bit crazy!:angry:if the lesson is short or long i want to learn with a few jokes coming from the lessons like these: maybe only 2 jokes will do..... or 1. second of all i would like to say i'm saying this for improvement on S.P. (spanish pod 101.com) take me seriously, and lessons will be more helpful, alex has a good mind.